Welcome from our family to yours.

Dear Friend,

stuckeys5W.S. Stuckey, Sr. discusses the upcoming 25th anniversary with his brother Frank in the Eastman, Georgia, store in 1962. “If unthinking, you render a disservice to a neighbor, all is not lost. You can see him again soon and make amends. But should a traveler on a road trip leave one of our shoppes with a feeling of dissatisfaction, then we can indeed despair. The traveler is gone. With him has gone his respect for you, for the company you represent — and it is not likely that any of us ever again will see him in order to make things right.”

These words were set down by my father as a guiding principle for our business many years ago when Stuckey’s Pecan Shoppes first came into being. Then, as now, our quality, service and delicious products — and, of course, the loyalty of our customers — were the key ingredients for the success we’ve enjoyed over the decades.

It has been my distinct pleasure to watch the Stuckey’s name once again become a prominent part of our country’s landscape. From my father’s first pecan stand in Eastman, Georgia, to our partnerships with full service travel plazas today, we owe our success to caring customers like you who love our tasty treats and the lively, fun atmosphere of every Stuckey’s store.

Rest assured, I am committed to keeping Stuckey’s an essential part of the lives of today’s travelers and families. To put it simply, we’re proud to be a part of your past, and we couldn’t be more excited about the role we’ll play in your future plans for great vacations and family fun.

For many of you, I know that our delicious confections more than taste great — they bring back wonderful memories of travels with your family throughout our great country.

I hope you’ll take a moment or two to remember our shared past by discovering a bit about our history and taking a virtual walk down memory lane in our photo gallery

On behalf of my late father and mother and everyone at Stuckey’s today, I thank you for your visits in the past and look forward to seeing you in the future.

I hope you’ll make a Stuckey’s stop soon. We can’t wait to see you again!

I hope you’ll make a Stuckey’s stop soon. We can’t wait to see you again!

W.S. Stuckey, Jr.
Stuckey’s Corporation