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For nearly 80 years, Stuckey’s has been a part of the roadside experience for generations of travelers.  Our customers have visited our stores throughout the country and have had incredible and exciting experiences that have created fond memories years later.  Our guestbook is your opportunity to share those experiences with others!  Please feel free to post your comments in our guestbook for others to see and share!  We very much appreciate your patronage!

Name : Julie Burns Campbell

As a young child back in the early 60's, I recall our family summer vacations going from Texas to Alabama and Georgia to visit relatives during the summer time. We always stopped at Stucky's to get gasoline, food,shop there,and a favorite was the pecan roll, penut brittle,and the canned boiled peanuts. We always looked for Stucky's all along the trip. A wonderful fun experience every time. I was sad when many if the Stucky's closed,since it was always a wonderful fun place,going as a child and later in life as we we're all grown up,married with our own children, taking them to Stucky's as well. I'm very happy to know that Stucky's us making a come back, a historical moment in time, to bring them back for travelers vabd family's to have the same wonderful experience as we did growing up,and our own children. We'd all scream "Daddy pull over there's Stucky's, "!! making sure he didn't miss it, he'd laugh,as he had intended to take us there anyway, it was always our favorite place,still us today in 2019,as we always keep an eye out for,on our travels. Looking forward to Stucky's coming back... Julierburnscampbell@gmail Julie Burns Campbell

Name : Todd Hansen

I remember visiting stuckey's stores while on family vacations for 2 weeks in back of 7 passenger 1969 Chrysler town & country station wagon from Southern California to Omaha Nebraska, passing through Albuquerque NM and another year passing through Las Vegas & Hoover dam. My dad and mom up front and us five kids so excited to be on vacation, and stopping at Stuckey's for shakes, soda's, candy and wood back scratchers.. LOL crazy back early 1970's, stopping off motels, swimming in the pools and eating Denny's with the family. We used yell "Stuckey's" as soon as we saw one coming into view off highway or freeway.. Great memories...

Name : Alan Laskowski

Moved from South Texas to near Seattle. Missing home but Stuckey's ships Pecan Rolls anywhere. Spent 40 years going to Stuckey's and glad they ship these Pecan Log Rolls of goodness across the nation.

Name : Leslie C

Driving on family trips from California to Texas to visit mom's family, there were always many stops at Stuckey's!! It became a family "joke" to say we needed to stop for a milk shake to hold us over til dinner! Recently driving through Texas and encountered Stuckey's products at a truck stop!! The pecan roll and divinity are my favorites! Thank you for the stroll down memory lane!!! I will be back!

Name : Joyce Stuckey Teders

Growing up a Stuckey it was so very special going to a “Stuckey’s”. Always got something to eat and wear. Sweet sweet memories! Came across one in Decatur, TX when we moved to Texas. Then just this year in Marietta,OK. When I was a kiddo I showed my photo ID and got a lil treat for being a Stuckey. 🤗

Name : Genia Stephenson

Who didn't ❤ Stuckey's? They were the traveler's oasis; a comforting mainstay from their bags of pecans to their pecan log roll, cherry cider, food, novelties & many more untold treasures.. My favorite Stuckey's was in Williams, Arizona. I stopped there almost every time I passed by when on my way to my parent's house in Prescott from college at NAU Flagstaff. One time in the 1970s, a friend & I took a ride from Flagstaff to Williams & stopped at that Stuckey's. We were sitting in our 🚗 parked in front when the woman sitting in the passenger side of the 🚗 parked next to us put a paper grocery-sized bag of trash outside her door which irritated me, especially, since there was a trash barrel in front of their 🚗. Without saying a word, I got out of our 🚗, picked up the bag of trash & put it in the barrel. The woman sheepishly said, "Thank you". I think it embarrassed my friend for me to do that but he didn't say so.

Name : Teresa Andrews-Koep

When we travled as a family we would always stop at Stuckey's. I still remember the pecan roll. My grandma would buy little treats for us. It was a treat to stop at Stuckey's.

Name : Tom T

In 1969 and again in 1973 -2 parents , 1 dog , and 6 kids left long island and drove across America without a/c or video games - we visited all of the 48 lower states over those 2 trips .Stuckeys was a beacon of light during those long drives. I think we stopped at everyone we passed..So many good memories of simpler times.

Name : Angela Merritt

I grew up a Stuckeys brat! My parents got sent from store to store to fix them back up after bad managers and then would move on to the next store. My parents ran them in North Carolina, Missouri, Indiana, Texas, Ok, Kansas, Alabama, Georgia and Ohio. They ran them from the early 80's until about 2008. It was hard always moving around as a kid but there was always Ice Cream and snacks at our destination! Spoiled brats we was.

Name : Janet Rutledge

Hi Folks, I remembered Stuckeys as a kid (45 yrs ago) and my parents stopped there and bought us kids a board game for the road. Now, 50 years later, my hubby and I stopped in to their delightful little restaurant off Route 66 /I-44 in Doolittle,Missouri . I had the delicious smoked pulled pork with homemade potato chips!! Absolutely wonderful !!! Hubby had their fried pork tenderloin sandwich with the potato chips ...was delicious!! We also shopped at their little store /gas station where I bought some delicious fudge (peanut butter, chocolate, and some toffee), and some Route 66 T-shirts. Great lil store !! Although they didn’t have the board game, I mentioned it to a manager. Great food. Great store. Plus a WINE OUTLET ! What more could a girl ask for !!??!! Great experience!! Thanks Stuckeys !! ❤️

Name : Tina Riley

I have always loved Stuckeys as a child and an adult. Back in Feb I stopped to get my daughter some goodies from Stuckey's. When I gave them to her she said "Ewww this has hair on it". Upon examining the products I found it had been expired for over a year and was moldy. I sent an email to the company with pics and they promised to make it right with me. I waited about a month and nothing. I sent another email and I never got a response. All I wanted was a replacement. This company says it prides itself on customer satisfaction. Well things sure have changed over the past 80 years. This is some of the WORST customer service on every level. Make sure you check the products before you buy because nothing is monitored after they send it to the stores to be sold. Discouraged long time customer!!

Name : Darlene Tracy

I worked at Stuckey’s in Goodfield, IL my sophomore through senior years in 1975-1977. It was a mile down the road from me so I loved the convenience of it since I could ride my bike too. I will admit I spent my part of my check there for some great gifts and pecan logs. The chuck wagon sandwich was my favorite. I started in the snack bar so I met a lot of great people driving through. I served a lot of local people too for they had great food and true hand dipped shakes and malts. I also worked the the front counter and pumped gas and checked oil. We had several famous tour buses come through. The one I will never forget is when Hank Williams Jr’s bus stopped in. I first waited on his bus crew cooking their food. To this day I still have the $15 total I received from tips. Then I got invited to the bus. There he sat toward the back in his underwear with a bottle between his legs. Seeing him sitting in his underwear was a shock for a young girl let me tell you. He was so nice and genuinely sincere when he said it was nice talking to you. I miss Stuckey’s. If there was one around the Peoria, IL area I would definitely be a regular. Who knows I may even even apply-lol. I love and miss that place. I’m excited I can order on line now.

Name : Jeanne Reinisch

In the 50s and 60s I loved visiting my aunts in Henderson, NV .... we went to Stuckey’s! And then after I married, in the 70s, on visits to Vegas baby along I40. So surprised to learn it all started in GA. YUMMY FUN...a road trip in my future?

Name : Mary Burgess

My Mom and Dad were from Kanas and Ark. so every year we would go back there from N. Calif the drive was long it seamed to take forever but the high light was Stuckey's for me I couldn't wait to see all great stuff they had from the souvenirs to the candy and soda I loved it Today I found a salt and pepper set from Wyoming with a Stuckey's sticker on it for $1.19 I know my mom had to of picked that out and bought it, it made me smile to remember those days Thank You for all the memories

Name : June Pierce

In the 1950's, My mom and her "girl friends" would make an annual Christmas shopping trip from Jonesboro AR to Memphis. One of their regular stops was the Stuckeys near Marion, AR. She would always bring us back a pecan roll to share. Our once a year treat. It is still my favorite candy.

Name : Teresa Badgett

My last trip to Stuckey's, I was 11 years old. My family, Mama, Dad, 3 brothers and two sisters all went inside where it was nice and cool. Me? Stayed outside chasing lizards. Before I knew it, the family was coming out! We were leaving! We all piled into our Matador Station wagon, I was feeling rather upset and disappointed. We're driving down the road, up the on ramp, back on the freeway. It is a long way to the next Stuckey's. Then Mama pulls out a chocolate shake....FOR ME! All is good in the world! I am 57 now...we are planning a trip to Anahuac, lTexas, just to go to. STUCKEY'S

Name : jessica dawn sitman

Stopped at these stores all over the USA. When I was a kid it just wasn’t vacation until we had loaded up on delicious pecan products and souvenirs. Put one in New Mexico. Like maybe outside Santa Fe....

Name : Adam Zeine

When i was just a kid our father got a job transfer with the United States Navy. They paid for us to move from San Diego to Memphis Tennessee. We made it into a little vacation Stopping to see several sites including the grand canyon. A little closer to Tennessee we started stopping at Stuckeys for breakfast after we left our hotel in the morning to set off on the road again, I remember the food being delicious and the service very friendly. I would recomend anyone to stop in for a meal.

Name : George Ashburn

When we would travel from the Columbus Ohio area to visit my mom's relatives in New Mexico, we would always stop at a Stuckey's off I-70 in Altamont IL. I always liked that place. I've visited as both a child and an adult. I wish it was still there.

Name : Reba Dyar

I remember stopping at a Stuckeys store in the '50's when traveling to visit my Great Aunt in Rogersville, Tennessee. I was born in N.E. Georgia, and up until the middle '70's, we could find a Stuckeys. I live their Pecan Logs.

Name : Lora Compton

As a child traveling in the 60’s was boring but Dad kept us excited letting us know how much longer till we get to Stuckey’s. We stopped at every location and always picked up a silly toys and of course pecan log. I loved my woopie cushion! I remember one trip we were getting close to our Stuckey’s stop and put on our shoes all ready to go just to find out it was closed due to fire. We cried.

Name : Frederick

My dad was in the military so we traveled across the country a lot, from Kansas, the Dakotas, to North Carolina to Texas. I always remembered stopping at Stuckey's for food and gas. Our job as kids was to look for the signs to Stuckey's and let dad know how far the next one was. Great childhood memories and still get excited with flashbacks when me and my kids travel today . . .

Name : Dave Mitchell

As a child, my parents were fortunate enough to take our family traveling throughout the country. Many times our stops were at Stuckey's! Many times to eat, or just to stretch as we wandered through the store. Many times we would buy games to play in our travels. But we always purchased a pecan log. Later on as my wife and I were bringing up our family, Stuckey's became our place to stop as well however, most of the stores that were in NY state are now closed. The last was in Tully.

Name : Mark Scheidegger

Happy, happy childhood memories of Stuckey's from our family road trips between NJ and NC. I will never forget the taste of those Pecan Logs. Thank you!!

Name : Cynthia C Floyd

I placed an order last week. It arrived promptly. The only problem was that I ordered 12 6 oz. pecan logs, but received 6 12 oz. pecan logs. I notified the company and they are sending the correct order immediately and said to keep the others as well. You can't beat customer service like that! Thank you, Stuckey's!

Name : Amy Stuckey Gilbert

loved seeing all the Stuckey signs on the interstate while traveling. I'm a distant cousin.

Name : Larry

Hello, I am in Taylorsville Indiana, in a tire shop where this building use to be a Stuckey's store I remember it ( which I have lived in this area all my life ) In the same house for 60 years. I remember back in the sixties dad use to stop in here and get a couple log rolls which he loved those. Just being in this building ( that use to be a Stuckey's ) brings back alot of memories. And my family use to do alot of Christmas shopping in here on the Candy's . I don't remember what year the Stuckey's closed on this place. The tire store has been here since 1991. And if I can remember right there was another bussiness here before the Taylorsville Tire took over this building. Just thought I would share this story brings back alot of memories of my parents. And if I was a good boy I would get to come to Stuckey's and pick out some candy. When I was young. Thank you for letting me share.

Name : Roy McCollum

Mom!!... how come they got more Log Roll than me?

Name : Bill Hetzel

My parents took my grandfather and us kids down to my sister and brother in laws house in Albany Ga. Where my brother in law was in the navy we ALWAYSstop at one or two Stuckey this was the late 60s i remember the Texaco gas staion which was the brand of gas they sold i bought many kic kaks there.Now back in 2012 i was working at the wearhouse of Wegmans in Pottvilla Pa. 5 months assignment one day i drove 100 miles or so to find a Stuckey past Harrisburg was located in a Hess gas station all 2 alise of it i was a little disappointed but all those time as a young child my memory came back to me the good old days. I will like to see them back and running like the good old days

Name : Ken

Back in the 1970's our annual road trip from Toronto Canada to Daytona beach Florida,I think we stopped at almost every stuckey's between these points, we looked forward to seeing souvenirs and trinkets each region had to offer. From those whole smoked hams hanging from the ceiling fixtures to the rare shrunken heads each stuckey's was unique and offered a chance to take a break from the boardem of being a kid in the back seat of a car on a long road trip. For a road side break there is no better place to take a break then at stuckey's

Name : Sue

Used to stop at Stuckey's on our family road trips in the 60s and early 70s; really looked forward to those stops. I loved the selection of items for sale: the wooden jewelry boxes,, bags of polished stones, little glass bottles with a penny inside and all sorts of neat things. Of course, the Holy pecan log!

Name : Michael

We always stopped at the Stuckey’s outside Rapid City, South Dakota in the 1960s on our way to the Black Hills. My sister loved the Salt Water Taffy.

Name : Nikki L.

In 1969 my parents and I drove from Fresno to NJ most on Rte 66 but stopped at many of Stuckeys along the way for eats and treats. My thrill was picking a charm for my charm bracelet from every state we passed thru at Stuckeys on our journey. I heart you guys!

Name : Tom S.

This is a follow on to Robert's comment on the Stuckey's message display system. My recollection of using it was in the summer of 1967. We were traveling from Ohio to Colorado to vacation at a Dude Ranch. My father sent a message to his brother, who had left a day after us, we did get his response later that day. I was 10 at the time. It's also probably worth mentioning that my father and uncle are Engineers. So of course they were intrigued.

Name : Phil Palm

Back in the 70s, I was traveling across Illinois and drove into a serious thunderstorm. I stopped off at a Stuckey's for a hot dog, and was one of a half dozen customers in the store. The wind picked up outside, and the staff asked us to go into the back room with them and away from the windows because of the weather. The storm passed overhead and shook the windows violently, but they held on. A few minutes later, the worst of the storm passed, so we all emerged from the back room, a little worried, but all safe. The hot dog was delicious as well.

Name : susan

Loved to see the stuckey' s roof on family road trips!!! Next road trip..... I feel like planning a vacation just to pass thru stuckey's territory :)

Name : Yvette Wilson

We always stopped at Stuckey’s on our way to Florida every year when I was a child. My mother was from Eastman and was good friends with The Stuckey’s son. She has passed away and I’m trying to find out more about the family. W. Stuckey should be about 75 years old. If possible can you contact him and let him know that Emma’s granddaughter is trying to contact him. You have my e-mail and I can be contacted through there. I would truly appreciate any help I can get! Thank you Yvette

Name : John R.

For years, there was a Stuckey's on I-81 in Cortland, NY (between Binghamton and Syracuse). Used to love stopping there for pecan rolls! Building is still there, but it's now a Pit Stop Stravel Plaza.

Name : Jeff

Through the 60's and 70's we always loved stopping at the Stuckey's in Waters, Michigan on the car drive from Bay City to Mullett Lake. Many fond memories! We were so sorry to see it go years ago.

Name : Lynette

When I was a young child in the late fifties, early 60s, we were a financially poor family. When we did travel, we always got to stop at Stuckey's. The only reason we got to stop, was so my Mama could get her pecan log. we are traveling right now, and looking for a Stuckey's to stop and get her one now. She has Alzheimer's, but I know she will remember her pecan log, and it will put a smile on her face. My sisters and brothers and I would get to spend our well earned quarter allowance. Stuckey's brings back wonderful childhood memories. My brother and sister are gone now, but we still have pictures that we took out in front of Stuckey's.

Name : Andrea S

My favorite memory of Stuckey's is when our family would drive from southern California to Chicago via Route 66. We would make our Dad stop at every Stuckey's along the way. My favorite picture is of my brothers and sister in front of Stuckey's at the Continental Divide in New Mexico.

Name : LuLu Craft

As a child traveling from SC to TX loved the sausage bisquits!!! GREAT MEMORIES!!!

Name : youthchampionshipsports

I love Stuckeys. I remember traveling cross the country in the South and North as a kid. It brings back a certain Nostalgia. Visited one in Bagdad Florida going home to visit my family in New Orleans in 2014. I love and always will love Stuckeys.



Name : Julie Fleiser

Every summer, we did a road trip from Pueblo, CO to Atlanta, GA to visit my grandparents. My job was to look for Stuckey's signs. My mom loved the pecan rolls and divinity. My sisters and I loved buying a game for the road. I always wanted to eat at the grill, but we had a schedule to keep, so that never happened. Thanks for being such a wonderful memory for me!

Name : Frank Thomas

I can remember the times when we visited relatives in Illinois. My family would always stop at Stuckeys for gas and the pecan logs. I got to love it even more when you got a free box of divinity with an 8 gallon purchase. We always stopped there and when I got married and took the family to Colorado and a cross country trip to California, we seeked out the Stuckeys on the way. I also LOVED the souvenir shops there as well!

Name : siteadmin

Those stores along 301 closed many years ago, like in the movie "Cars", when the interstates came along it really made it hard for those stores to survive.

Name : Rodney Pryor

My wife and I were heading down to Frisco Texas from Oklahoma city on I35 south and we saw a new Stuckeys sing that said Exit 15 we could not believe it !! I told her we are going to have to stop and get gas and see if this is the real Stuckeys and it was the employee said the store opened 3 days ago and it was one of the original stores and what a awesome experience it was to see it and to see all the Stuckeys merchandise that we grew up with Thanks for bringing back such great memories and America needs this and Stuckeys

Name : Deck Hughes

We used to stop at a Stuckey's enroute to Florida every year in Statesboro, GA on US 301 and then we would stop at one in Hilliard, FL for breakfast every year, also on US 301. Are those Stucky's still there? They were good stops for us throughout the 1970s and early 1980s.

Name : Suzanne

We were a military family and always traveling from where my dad was stationed to Houston, TX to visit relatives. Our major stop was always the Stuckey's on the road. It was our favorite stop. My brother, sister and I always loved the Knicks knacks you found, my brother even bought some classic 45's that I still have today and enjoy listening to. My mom and I always fought over the pecan log roll until she mad me start getting my own. Was and still is my favorite candy.

Name : Paul

Not your usual Stuckey's story. As a young boy my father would take is kids every summer to Grandma's in Oklahoma City from San Antonio. My father was the type of driver that was all about minimum stops, definite 'get-thereitis'. But I always remember the Stuckey's signs. It was a comfort, of a sort, to see the land mark signs. A way us kids could track our progress up IH 35. I always imagined Stuckey's as some kind of mythological oasis if only dad would decide to stop in! HaHa. It's heartening to know there are still Stuckey's store around. Maybe one day, when I'm a grandpa, i can take a road trip and actually stop in with the grandkids and tell them about the magical stop that had pecan logs! Like I said not your usual Stuckey's story...

Name : Dee Dawson

I remember Cinnamon-Sugar pecans. Looks like you don't have them anymore. Sad. Maybe I was the very few who loved those. <3 It's been about 40 years but I can still remember them! My parents ALWAYS got the pecan log, but it was not my favorite tho. Anyway, I am glad to know y'all are still around. Hope the new generation of kids still love to stop there! :-)

Name : Carla Courtney

Like everyone else my family made many trips to different states because of living there. Due to the fact my dad was in the Air Force. We always came back to South Carolina for visit's. We would stop at Stuckey's. I got other souvenirs but always got a Pecan Log Roll. I remember them being fatter and longer. We stopped moving around and I have not seen Stuckey's in years. Just about two weeks ago I was talking to a friend who also remembers Stuckey's and getting a Pecan Log Roll. We both work for Big Lots and we sell old time candy for the summer. Yes at lot of it looks different and are smaller or some bigger. I found Stuckey's Pecan Log Roll. Oh boy of course I bought two. When I got home and took a bite. That took me back to my childhood. Wow. Just bought two more. Thanks for the memories. Only one problem with these is when I eat a Pecan Log Roll I run across a shell. Thank you.

Name : Janet Charlton

When My brother and I were growing up, our parents would take us on a road trip from Washington state to Louisville Ky. We could not wait to see a Stuckey sign and my parents would always stop and we would get to pick out a souvenir. Its where I bought my first packet of sea monkeys! Im glad yo know there are still some around and I am adding that to my bucket list for next summer!

Name : Herman Burney

After we moved from Texas to Calif in the early 60s we would come back to Texas every year. When Larry, my baby brother came along and got to be about 3 or 4 he recognized the Stuckeys signs pretty quick and would cry when we passed the stores. So my Mom would see the signs as we drove and call my name. That was my clue to get my brother into the floorboard until we passed the sign. Of course the closer we got the more signs there was and little brother spent a lot of time in the floorboard until we had passed the Stuckeys. Then he was good until the next one. But when we got to stop, it was awesome. Burger, fries and a chocolate milk shake. Later after Stuckeys started disappearing, I would still travel and occasionally run into a Stuckeys. I would always stop and by Mom some Pecan Patties and log roll. Her eyes lit up when I gave them to her. I miss my Mom and whenever I pass a Stuckeys I think of her. Thanks for the memories and hope you make a comeback so someone 40 years from now can look back on some pleasant memories.

Name : Diane Day

Loved looking for the Stuckey's signs when I was a kid. Wish they were still around. Sadly none by me anymore. I love the honey cinnamon pecans. Just ordered some last week. Friendly and super fast! Love the free shipping!.

Name : Earl Gateman

I started driving tour bus in 1980 from Ontario Canada to many destinations in the USA. All the older drivers were quite dismayed that all the locations had or were shuttering. They were a favored place to make coffee break stops.

Name : Susan Butler Doyle

My grandparents, Al and Maggie Butler lived in Eastman, Ga. My grandmother Maggie had a sister .. who I believe was married to Billy Stuckey?? I remember going to the Stuckey Candy plant as a young girl. If you read this and knew the Stuckey family please reach out to me at

Name : Michael Bright

I'm originally from Charleston South Carolina. My father loved Stuckey's. When on vacation or trip he would stop at every one of them. So he could grab a pecan roll. We loved it also as kids because we knew it's time for us to get a great snack also.

Name : Deb Orr

While traveling from Myrtle Beach where we had the Bonaparte family reunion we stopped at Stuckey's. We loaded up on fruit, nuts, candy, seasonings and barbecue sauces. Everyone in the car found something to satisfy themselves. Now I see I can order on line. How great is this. I don't have to wait for a family trip down south to get Stuckey's

Name : Kevin Gartrell

Loved going to Stuckey's when going on family trips growing up in Ohio. Loved the coal candy. Shame not in Ohio anymore.

Name : Dave Moore

I really miss Stuckey's being around my parts. It was my very favorite place of all when I was a kid, especially when traveling with my parents. I loved the Snuckey's burgers and fries,and I oh so loved the magic tricks and gag gifts they sold! (I was the prankster of the family)....And who could forget, Snuckey's pecan rolls! Wow they were the best!!!

Name : Joanne Buus

We used to drive to Scottsboro AL from Chicago area every summer, leaving super early in the morning,,, I can remember we would always stop at Stuckeys on RT 41 near Terre Haute IN to have 99 cent breakfast but my sister hated eggs so she would order a hot dog and fries. The silly little things that mean so much to us now...

Name : Mark Tumblin

We used to have them on I 15 in California in the 60's and 70's. Then they closed them all down and left the state. Loved their Pecan Logs!!!

Name : Gary L Coots

I grew up in Trenton, GA and every summer we'd travel and Stuckeys was always a high point to our trips. I am retired USAF now and live in Colorado and no Stuckeys here. We travel south about once a year and still love Stuckeys!!

Name : Susan H

Stuckey's treats are cherished childhood memories for my brother and me so when I found out recently that he was planning to have bariatric surgery, I ordered a supply of pecan logs for him to enjoy before he started his weight loss regimen. I'm glad I did. It brought back many loving memories of a time gone by. Bring back the roadside Stuckey's with their affordable prices, friendly service and unbeatable quality! Put those signs back up; they were reassuring beacons for hungry, weary travellers! Also, if anyone is wondering, Stuckey's won't spam your inbox with ads.

Name : Mike Ber

We grew up with Stuckeys as we traveled across the country on our family vacations. Was a favorite stop to get snacks, refresh ourselves and get a souvenir!

Name : Jay

So many years driving hundreds of miles to my grandparents' places, and so many stops at our favorite Stuckeys too! My dad used to stop there, and he hated to stop at all because he liked to drive straight through for 18 hours. He once made us all use soda bottles to pee in, but that's another story for another time (the bottles were glass back then with such a tiny opening!). He used to stop there and we'd get everyone fed for something like 15 bucks. We always picked up a Pecan Log because grandma loved them so much. It was the first thing she would ask us when we showed up - usually in the middle of the night because we rarely stopped for anything. She would ask: "where's my Stuckey's nut log?" And it was always me who would hand it to her. I was always so sleepy. After dad went to bed and my sister and I unpacked the car, we would stay up til morning savoring Stuckey's nuts until we couldn't stay awake anymore. I miss Stuckey's very much as I rarely see them on the highway anymore. I'm so glad I found the online store so I can buy Pecan Logs in bulk. I never get tired of those Stuckey's Logs.

Name : Lilly G Tex-IL

A Stuckey's on roadtrips = family, comfort food, an oasis, and a life saver for people traveling with kids for 20 hrs and a very low budget. I always loved all the native american items, nostalgic items like Betty Boo, and the awesome staff. Those 99 cents breakfasts were like "heavenly mana". Thank You. We pray God may prosper your bussines.

Name : brad thomas poland

Delicious Divinity. I remember the store in Garden Valley Texas where I lived in the 80's, became a Loves during the 80's - great 99 cent breakfast - eggs were always done exactly the way we wanted. It is so sad, we need a place like Stuckeys again. I love the architecture of the store too!

Name : Patti Schiwinger

I remember going on many vacations and always stopping at Stuckeys with my mom, dad and sisters. We were allowed to get one item from the gift shop if we at all of our food. I remember picking out the pecan logs and going over to look at the bee hive that they had in every store. Such great memories !

Name : Dessel Pullman

I moved to stuckeys (Tipton, Iowa) in 1970 i was only 7. My dad was the manager and Stuckeys was first making its move up into the northern states. We lived there until i was 18 at which time "old man Stuckey" (he was a very smart and compassionate man) had passed away and the company was being sold out that we moved out as the store was shutting down. I have so many memories of Stuckeys that i wouldnt even know where to begin. Stuckeys had become my life. It was even my first job at the age of 14. We use to stop at every Stuckeys when we were on vacation trips. I even remember sometimes going to other stores with my dad so he could manage the store while they found new managers I will never forget this wonderful place and all that Stuckeys meant to me and my family. And those pecan rolls. Oh my so amazing!

Name : Dawn Hunnicutt

I moved into my first Stuckey store at 6 weeks old and my parents stopped working for Stuckeys when I was 12.. I learned every management skill I have today being able to watch my parents. I miss the memories at Stuckeys..

Name : Grant Maynard

I remember going with my mom and dad on car trips and we always stopped at stuckeys . My dad would always buy my mom a pecan roll. Wish we still had one in Michigan.

Name : Karen Wydeven

Growing up in the 1960's and '70's, my family drove from WI to FL several times. Dad had a Texaco credit card so we stopped for gas and our free pecan log roll with 8 gallon purchase! I haven't seen a Stuckey's for years. Happy to know you still exist!

Name : David Newport

Your find-a-Stuckey's thing doesn't work very well on my phone. Would it kill ya just to put a state by state LIST on your website???

Name : Patricia Baber

Traveling on I10 in Texas & remembering the old Stuckey"s. Decided to stop at travel center at 37311 interstate 10. Got gasoline only, the parking lot & area around the pumps was filthy. Decided not to even go into the store. The management at that location is doing something wrong. There is a Bucee's a miles down the road that is very clean. They have workers that are continually cleaning inside & outside. I was shockef at how bad outside looked.

Name : Lori Wolfe

I remember stopping at stuckeys as a kid going from Kentucky to michigan to see my grandparents. Grandma always had seven keys coconut spread in the house and we always stopped to get some more. Miss those days terribly.

Name : Eric

Going from Georgia to Ohio every summer in the '70s & early '80s, I remberd stopping at a few stuckey's for gas and a bathroom break, Then walking around the store looking at the candy and other stuff on the shelves. Then mom saying no you don't need that then getting back in the car and down the road we went till we needed another bathroom break.

Name : JayCee

Great to see Stuckey's back in family hands again. We always stopped at their stores on our family summer vacations and never disappointed. Now, if we could only get Howard Johnson back on firmer ground. Loved those grilled frankfurters!

Name : ralph herdrich jr

The pecan rolls sound quite good!Wish there were some Stuckey's locations,if not in,certainly out toward Chicagoland.

Name : Brian

Grew up with Stuckeys. My dad leased some land to the building right on I-80 in Nebraska. I would hang out there! My ma was in love with the Pecan Rolls, I will have to order some for her. She is in a memory unit now, but I know if I stick one in her mouth she will know exactly what it is! The building is still there, has been a Tractor repair place, garbage company, is now a trailer sales place. I live on my dad's farm there still. When on tour with bands through the south in the 90's and 2000's I would always pick up a few rolls for ma when running into Stuckey's! :)



Name : Joseph Gadow Sr

In the 60's our family used to travel from Va. Bch, Va to Balt, Md on a regular basis. Maw or Paw would always stop at the Stuckey's on the way. As adults we now know it was that famous Pecan Roll that they stopped for. We 5 kids were allowed to get whatever we wanted. Now that I'm heading 500 miles from Balt. to Summerton, S.C., I'll be sure to pick up another P. Roll for my 85 year old Mother to remind her of the good ole days. After all these years I still don't know weather to pronounce it "Pee-Can", or "Pee-Con". I just take turns. Like Bob Hope, I thank you for the Memories. Joe (2017)

Name : Cody Crow

Used to go from Arkansas to California & back in the 1980's! I remember Stuckey's breakfast & the great pecan rolls! Great memories!

Name : Craig sekeres

Great place to visit during the 1970's family road trips.wish they were still in ohio.

Name : Craig sekeres

Great part of our past time family road trips during the 70's

Name : Rich Roland

Stumbled on Stuckeys (in Tenn) while on a 1,000 mile trip to GA. Couldn't believe our eyes! Hadn't seen this since our childhoods. We bought the store out - pecan rolls, candied almonds, shirts...... Was one of the highlights of our long trip. It's one of only seven original Stuckey's left in the country. If we get back (or even near there) again, we will do it all again. SO happy we could share this experience with our youngest kids, too.

Name : Nancy

Every vacation my family always stopped at Stuckey's. As a kid I thought it was the grandest place to visit. I don't travel anymore, but I still have those great memories of vacations with my family and stopping at Stuckey's.

Name : Connie Lamm

Only traveling w g-parents did we get to go to a Stuckeys. Can't seem to find those coffee flavored, barell shaped hard candies anywhere favorite!

Name : Deborah Allen

My fiance bought me some sandals because my feet were roasting from the trip home from Kemah. I fell in love with the sandals because they looked like a Native American design.

Name : wilma

As a young girl my family always stopped at Stuckey 's along the way from Ok to Pa and back. It was always an enjoyable experience. I sure miss those days. Hope to find a Stuckey's to visit again one day

Name : Karen Wynn

Every year my family went on vacation to Florida. My sister and i spotted every Stuckey's between Arkansas and Ft. Walton Beach (going and coming). After we had stopped for the third time, and weren't out of Mississippi, my dad would say there was no reason to continue the trip to the beach, since my sister and I were just as happy to go to Stucky's. That would be the moment we shut up.....till the ride back home.😬

Name : Terry Brill

My partner is a Stuckey and we always look for the hats to return. Might be hard to find the cotton with shorter bill on the hat again. He still wears the raggedy old one. The logo is about to expire and take flight, thinking of displaying under a glass bell. Please bring the Stuckey's - short billed denim hats with embroidered logo, bring the hats back so we can stock up!! Oh, and LOVE, Love, LOVE . . .your Pecan Rolls!!!

Name : Stacey Applebee ( Hunnicutt)

Growing up, my family ran and operated MANY Stuckey store locations. From Florida to Kansas! Grandparents, Aunts and parents. Was a great childhood memory!

Name : V Sarske

I love your pecan rolls they are the best. I lived in Florida and I remember going to home shows and getting them there.

Name : J.D

No big story here. But I have been to so many Stucey's in my life, and they were always a place to forward to while on Old Route 66. Stuckey's is Americana.

Name : Rita Turner

I was a military brat in the 60s and 70s and I remember everywhere we travelled we would stop at rest areas for bologna sandwiches. I remember the car was hot, travelling in summertime for hours where you didn't see much. But the stuckeys restaurants always stood out and when we stopped I would get a pecan role. We didn't dine there because my dad was on a limited income with 5 kids but I always remember stuckeys for gas, restrooms and pecan rolls. Just recently (2016) travelling through nevada and California I saw a lot of old stucky buildings still standing that are utilized for local convenience stores. Brought back a lot of memories.

Name : Judy Durham

We traveled a lot when I was a kid in the 1950s between Michigan and Tennessee. I don't know where the Stuckey's was located that I remember, but they had a huge glass wall on the inside of the building and there behind the glass was the most interesting bee hive I had ever seen!

Name : Bob Smith

Somewhere in the early 80's my friend Trevor's mother would up managing a Stucky's outside of Van Horn Tx. One summer i went out there to work for them. What wonderful memories I have of all the people that were on the road traveling and the local regulars that would come by for a shake and a bugger. Even though we were not in town, it did not feel like we were. Everyone stopped by with a smile on their face. It was my first work experience away from home and such great fun. I still remember meeting this family from St Ingbert Germany. The thing about that is that is the same small town my grandmother is from. What a small world it is, even before the internet was around. I've look on google earth for that great little store in the middle of nowhere. But just can't find it. In my mind, it's still out there, somewhere and always will be. Hey Trevor hows radar. :) Hope life has been good to you.

Name : Foster Wallace

I am 65 and my father's family was from Knoxville,TN. Before I-75 was built we, 6 kids and parents, would travel down Rt. 25 or Rt.27. We would occasionally stop for gas and food. I can remember our most favorite was STUCKEY'S. I would get a papaya drink and of course the PECAN LOG. I don't see any STUCKEY'S but look for them whenever I travel South. When we get together we always recall those trips, especially stopping at STUCKEY'S because dad wouldn't stop just anywhere. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.

Name : Dawn

I remember Stuckey's as my favorite restaurant to stop at on our way to visit relatives out of state. I remember the good food, scrumptious pecan logs and fascinating souveniers and gifts. I also remember though I don't see in other comments is that there was a glassed in bee hive in the middle of the Stuckey's where honey bees could be observed. Great childhood memories.

Name : stephen romeo

we've been going to stuckey's since we were kids. and love it.

Name : John

Hadn't been to a stuckey's in over 30 years as a kid until recently taking a road trip from California to Alabama. All the great memories resurfaced!! Remember being so excited to stop in these stores as a kid....Good times....

Name : Stephanie

I remember going to Stuckey's when I was a kid, and I miss it now that I live in a place that doesn't have one. I wish they had one out here in Colorado.

Name : Melissa

Well, I never thought I would be writing about my experience with Stuckey's but here goes. In the late 70's through 80's our family would stop at Stuckey's for breakfast on our drive to Florida from NJ. Mom liked to stop at restaurants, but Dad wanted something quick (NOT fast food). When we discovered Stuckey's we found it to be a great compromise because it was a quick stop and the food was cooked to order like restaurants. Everyone could be satisfied with a stop at Stuckey's. My sister and I loved to look at all the merchandise and buy candies for the road. By the time we all grew up and had children of our own, we lost track of Stuckey's even though we continued the same yearly trek to Florida for the family vacation as adults. Our kids have not had a chance to experience Stuckey's and it wasn't until I found this website that I realized that they must have closed down gradually over the years and we just never noticed because the dynamics of the road trip changed into our adulthood. I'm hoping to explore this website and relive some great memories and maybe find a Stuckey's within driving distance that we can plan a road trip to!

Name : H Hinson

I grew up in the 1970s, and no road trip was complete without a stop at Stuckey's for some divinity, pecan log rolls, pecan-fried chicken (I have NEVER been able to find a recipe for this anywhere else), taffy and mixed nuts. We took a trip across the Southwest in 1973, and dad obliged us by stopping at every Stuckey's along the way. We always knew we'd find clean restrooms and cold drinks. I just got back from a road trip to North Carolina from Texas. What a thrill it was to find some real, blue roofed Stuckey stores along the way. I was meeting an old friend I hadn't seen in years. Long Live Stuckey's!!!!

Name : Kathy

My name is Kathy. When I was young, my parents used to take my two sisters and I on vacation to visit my Mom's family in Tennessee. My Dad always took Route 41 South. There were several Stuckey's along the way. Fresh hot apple cider and their famous Pecan Rolls. They were the best. They made such an impression on my family and I. I looked forward to our trips South every year. To this day, 50 years later, I still think of Stuckey's. How I wish there was one in Illinois. Thank you Stuckey's for giving me a such a fond memorable childhood memory.

Name : Cardinal Robbins

I remember Stuckey's in the Ozarks, when we stopped for something to drink. The DELIGHTFUL lady there asked me if I'd ever had coconut milk, which I had not. Thanks to her, I tried it...and loved it. I'm not talking about coconut WATER, which tastes like sweat (unless you tap a fresh coconut on your own), but the milk this wonderful woman made with grated coconut, milk, and a bit of sugar. Heavenly, especially to a 10 year old in 1970 on a very interesting road trip. I'm sure she's no longer with us, but she was definitely the spirit of Stuckey's fantastic service, warmth and kindness, which has stayed with me after 45-plus years.

Name : Rochelle

I remember the dog's restrooms (country dogs and city dogs). Cute idea for those traveling with pets.

Name : Dee Reed

My father is now retired military. As a youngster we were constantly traveling across this country for family and military reasons. There were 4 of us kids packed into our car. Stuckey's was like a savior to us kids! We would always stop at Stuckey's! We welcomed being able to get out, stretch our legs and take a break from traveling and eat some good grub and Stuckey's treats! Us kids were allowed to buy little mementos as well! As an adult I also would stop at Stuckey's until they went away. There are none here in my home state of NM anymore.....but in 2015 on my travels across country, I noticed one in Missouri with a cookin' made from scratch restaurant. I didn't stop but here in 2016 I did, both going and coming home! I loved it! So welcoming. The food smelled great and I wish I could've had time to stop and eat!

Name : Patty montague-Collier

My parents managed 2 of them Selinsgrove, PA.and Grasonvill, MD. and my aunts,and uncles managed a lot of them also and had good friends that managed them they are,a dying store now that they have made them into diary queens and quick marts I had good memories and a lot of growing up in Stuckey's that's where I learned a lot of work experience and car experience how to check the oil. My sisters loved the pecan log rolls and pecan divinity and the box of old south candy along with the coconut patties. My dad would build displays of the pecan clusters and pecan log rolls stack em' high and watch them fly he would say.great memories living in the back room apartment and a lot of long hours in the store. The snow birds would come and buy pecans in the bags shelled and un-shelled to make there Christmas deserts and fruit cake as gifts time I will never forget.

Name : John Chandler

The store in George, Wa. was the only place for decades where you could buy green peanuts in brine. Now the store is gone and I have to go online to find them..............tasty!

Name : Roger Wayne J.(aka wbrockstar)

Hello to all, Stuckeys brings back very fond memories because it was my very first job at 16 years old.Our store,in Kingston Springs TN,won the Highest Candy Sales Award while working there.We sold 1 million pecan log rolls in a years time.I would say 95% of our customers always bought at least 1-3 pecan log rolls for every visit.My uncle also worked there.I used to get nervous when tour buses full of many people would show up cause we would get slammed,but everyone that came through the door were always nice & friendly.The place helped me grow out of my shy personality & become outgoing.The restaurant had some great breakfast & hamburgers & like everybody else I got addicted to pecan log rolls.My band stops at Stuckeys every chance we get & its become our bus drivers favorite place to stop.Thanks Stuckeys for helping me grow up with you. Sincerely WBRockstar

Name : Mark

I have fond memories traveling from our home in New York to visit my relatives in Tennessee in the late 70's and into the 80's and stopping by Stuckeys'. The trip wouldn't have been the same without Stuckeys' and i know my family share my sentiments!

Name : Gale Luttrell

I remember traveling with my family and my dad would only stop at the Stuckey's to eat and get gas. I remember mom getting all of us (4 kids) the famous pecan logs. How tasty and good they were. To this day I still try to stop and get my log. Now today I am friends with Ron and Susan Stuckey and we were just sitting around talking and Susan still has the "eat here and get gas" tee shirt. Funny but Ron was telling the story about his grandfather...then I went online and found out Ron is related to the Stuckey's. Stories were complete. So interesting when I read the history and the story was exact. Famous friends and famous pecan logs. Love those logs😋

Name : Susan Stuckey

I grew up going to the Stuckey's in Springfield, Ohio. I liked it so well that I married a Stuckey! His family stories include a history branching from the Stuckey store history. As we travel we keep a lookout for the stores and pick up memorabilia. We collect Tshirts. I just made a pillow from a shirt I purchased 38 years ago when we were dating!! Enjoy this website.

Name : John Lambie

Many fond memories of our family trips from Illinois down to our vacation home in Florida. All along US RT 65 we would stop a a Stuckeys, loved the small pecan pies, and remember all the novel signs and gimmicks. Miss those days.

Name : Robert Harrison

My grandmother would drive us from New York State to Myrtle Beach, SC during the late 1960's. Stuckey's always was fun to get coconut patties and pralines' and Hermit crabs live and shells.

Name : Kimberly Hlavach

I remember the road trips to Florida when I was younger, and seeing and visiting the Stuckeys. I can't wait to go there now with my daughter and pass this experience on. I will also make her count the Stuckey's roadside signs like I used to do.

Name : Paris Dickey

Life is full of experiences. However seeing a stuckeys T shirt on a guy in NYC I was overwhelmed with happy memories. I had delightful flashbacks of traveling with my grandparents, stopping at Stuckeys, pecan logs, the beautiful country side and the 82 Worlds Fair. I'm so thrilled to see you're still around. Your company is truly an American Treasure.

Name : StuckInThe1970s

So happy to see these still exist! As a kid in the 70s, we'd always go into Stuckeys with the vinyl imprint of my parent's car sticking to our sweaty legs. Any kid who when on a road trip begged to go to Stuckey's. It defied those needless boundaries of race, color, nationality, class, nuclear family, single mom...DIDNT MATTER. We all would run up to the door when we parked and saw so many other kids do the same. A stop off at Stuckey's and then the hotel swimming pool if we were good a few hours down the road. More kids just like us! Just kids. Life was so good. Growing up sure did mess up those simple pleasures! Build a time machine, Please :)

Name : Jerry

We live in Georgia and the trips down to Florida some 70 years ago and stopping at The Stuckey's on the way down was 1 of the best parts of our vacation. I use to work was a man who was friends of Mr. Cicero Stuckey, down in South Ga. Stuckey's Pecan Rolls & Pralines are The Worlds Best by far. Thank You For The Memories"

Name : Wylene

I remember every time we went on a trip we stopped at a stuckeys. I was at home in the 60's and I am looking for some of that luscious candy now! We had a store about half hour away but they closed years ago. Keep the web site open!

Name : N. Hommer

I remember in the early 70's moving from WI to CA and stopping at every Stuckey's along the way. Thank you for making a 3 day move enjoyable. I love all their candy but the Pecan Logs are the best. There was still one Stuckey's in Vacaville CA but it burned down in the 90's. Just the name Stuckey's brings back such good memories. I really miss them. I hope they thrive and come out west again.

Name : Dean

On our annual summer road trip from NC to MA in the 70s to visit family, we would pay a visit to at least one Stuckey's going up and coming back. It became as much a part of our vacation as everything else. Glad to see you're still around!

Name : Sandy

My memory is going to one in Colorado. Those pecan rolls, and Rocky Mountains made a big impression to a kid!

Name : Mo M.

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of traveling around the country and stopping at Stuckey's. We always made my father stop at a Stuckey's. While Stuckey's is famous for the peanut brittle and pecan, another great memory was the Stuckey's souvenir cigar. In fact, my first cigar was Stuckey's!!! Now as an adult, I am disappoint that we don't have a Stuckey's in McKinney, TX. Please bring Stuckey's to McKinney so that I might relive my childhood.

Name : Tammy McNeill

My parent were traveling managers and trained alot of managers. We traveled to all of them at one time or another for their work. We lived in three of them too. Martin, Michigan and Rosebush Michigan were our longest assignments. I grew up in Stuckey's Stores. Great memories.

Name : Timothy Stuckey

Well I remember the Stuckey`s store in Savannah Ga along time ago and the one @ Gardens Corner S.C. My family and I have stopped in for a short break on our way to my wifes home town and enjoyed your store.

Name : Paul

Remember going in them with my mom and dad in the 60s in Georgia when going to see my grandparent s in alabama Remember the minor bird and the wax statute machines

Name : Jim Kingsnorth

I remember these when I was a kid. There are no more of them in Michigan. The pecan logs is the main thing I remember. One bite would give you a cavity, but worth it!

Name : Joan Ontell

In the 60's my brother and I would play a game with road signs and put a finger in the middle of the front seat whenever we would see a Stuckey's sign!! We would drive up and down the highways with my father and his maps no GPS!!!!!!

Name : Michael Fulghum

My Dad used to sell insurance to Mr. Stuckey back in the 40's or 50's and he used to tell me how nice he was and he would bring some pecan rolls home and sometime we get some for Christmas !! Always loved stopping at a Stuckey's store on the way to Florida to see our kin.. God Bless and Merry Christmas

Name : Lynda

travelling witth my grandparents in 1967 from British Columbia down the West Coast through Wash-ington, Oregon, California to Arizona. We tried to always stop at a Stuckeys to get unusual local souveniers and the AWESOME Pecan Rolls at every stop! I was so heartbroken when Stuckeys disappeared from the West Coast!!

Name : Glenn

There will be quite a number of Canadians who will recognize the Stuckey's name synonymous with traveling throughout your American Southeastern United States. Here's to the next 80 years,glad to see the name is still around, after so many other big names have fallen by the wayside. Cheers!!!!!!

Name : Aloysius McElroy

An indelible part of my childhood. My family would vacation in RVs around America and those teal blue signs along with the yellow signs announcing the joys within were a source of joy for me and my family. Treasured memories.

Name : Pinkus

I enjoyed your puzzle books with the thing that made the secret words and stuff. SO many memories?

Name : Anita

Just moved to NC, I use to work at a Stuckey's Store back in Conway Texas, Glad to see you still open...

Name : Terry

I remember stopping at Stuckey's in Delaware, now long gone. Now I stop in Virginia on Rt 13 for my Stuckey's fix. I have box of Pony Tails I'm going through now. Please don't close this store! Remeber the Barney Miller episode where Wojo asked Harris to stop at Stuckeys for a "nut roll" when transporting a prisoner?


I remember Stuckey's going down the I-75 to Florida and now, even as an adult still love THEM to pieces. Still love the sugar coated pecans which I hope they still sell

Name : Michael Boyce

On my way to Roanoke,Virginia,We'd visit several Stuckey's in several States-THe Country Breakfast was always delicious.Fluffy Eggs,Bacon that was crispy,and Hash Browns cooked to order! A Fill up of Gas in my Parent's take,and off We'd went! I miss those days now!

Name : Brad Hawkins

As a kid I remember seeing Stuckys stores, while we were headed down I-75, & just thought of them, and looked them up....they're still around!

Name : M.

As a child, we would stop at a Virginia Stuckey's on the way to the beach house. Stuckey's treats were such a delight. Sadly, after recently receiving an online order, I understand why their stores closed and the company is failing. The quality of their products is now simply awful and their customer service is worse. Keep your memories and your $$. Don't buy from this site. M

Name : Leah Phillipd

I grew up in NJ, while my grandparents lived in OR. We spent many summers on the road, driving to visit them. Stuckey's was our favorite pitstop.

Name : Denise Taylor

I am from Canada. In 1975 my family did a trip from Manitoba to Florida at Christmas time. I was only 10 years old. I can remember stopping at Stuckey's and buying the log rolls, loved them so much!!!!


Although I no longer hear your commercials in my area of Illinois (like I did in the 1960s), I will always remember "Make every trip a pleasure trip, when you stop at Stuckey's!". If I can travel in any area with a Stuckey's these days, I'm sure it will be a 'pleasure trip' every time, as it always had been! I thank God and you for bringing the good back again.

Name : Craig Allen

I enjoyed Stuckey's, and Horne's, on many roadtrips with my parents when I was young! And also many times on the road when I was grown! I sure do miss them! They used to be everywhere! I guess the good old days are good forever!

Name : Beth Herman

When I was a little girl, every summer Dad would take us to Hot Springs, Arkansas to visit Grandma and Grandpa Lewis. On the way there traveling from Texas we would always stop by Stuckeys in Texarkana and Dad would let us get a snack and a small souvenir from that place. They had all kinds souvenir things and of course alot of pecan logs! One of my favorite childhood memories!

Name : Will Kirchmeyer

I have many good memories of Stuckey's from my childhood. My parents believed in traveling and my family and I have seen a lot of this great country via road trips. I think one of the main ways to have an American experience is by doing road trips. I always loved when we stopped at Stuckey's: the food items (pecans, drinks, etc..) the other misc items that kids loved such as the monster stickers (Universal monsters: Frankenstein, Wolf man, etc..) that my brother and I collected. It is good to see that an American icon such as Stuckey's is still in existence. I also like your website and plan on buying a few items ASAP. The Kirch

Name : Gary

When my parents, my sister and I was on vacation traveling out of state going to sites we would always stop at Stuckeys, to get food to eat and a piece of candy. I like to pecan log , My parents can't travel now, but we do miss stooping. Thanks for having them on the side of the highways. Thanks Gary

Name : Cathy

Glad to hear you're still around & improving. Lots of childhood travel memories associated with Stuckey's. So glad it's back in the family.

Name : Linda Kay

Back in the mid 1950's when I was around 10 years old, my parents would load me and my two brothers into our Chevrolet station wagon and begin our journey to visit relatives in Tampa, Florida. As we drove south from Pennsylvania we began the search for the first Stuckey's of the trip. My mother was hooked on the Pecan Log Rolls and the rest of us loved the Pecan Pralines and just about everything else in the store! We stopped at every Stuckey's we encountered and stocked up on all the precious pecan candies we could. Mother also fell in love with the alligator purses for sale in the stores. They would never be offered for sale in this day and age, but they certainly were in the fifties. Mother bought one for herself and one smaller (fashioned for little girls) for me. Do you remember the ones with the alligator head on the front of the purse and then the rest of the alligator would be on the reverse side? We just loved them and I still have my Mother's purse but have no idea where my little prize ended up! There were so many things about the memories associated with our stops at each Stuckey's and they will remain in my heart and soul forever. It was all part of our lives as we travelled south and then home to Pennsylvania again. After each trip to Florida we would begin dreaming about the next one and all the while knowing it would include numerous stops at each Stuckey's! Thanks for all the memories!!

Name : J. R.

Stuckeys was always a part of or family trips. From about 1960 till all the Stuckeys in the southwest were gone, we always got excited to see that familiar blue roof and bright sign that meant as much as (and sometimes more than) the destination. How sad it was to see the last one vanish into our memories, turned into a mexican restaurant or just fall into disrepair like a ghost town saloon. Please bring at least one store back to the southwest...maybe along the I-15?

Name : Dave

My goodness I miss the long-ago times when making travels down Route 66 from Albuquerque and as a kid always on the lookout for a Stuckey's where my parents would stop for a fill-up - because back then there was a divinity treat given with a fill-up of gas :) and there was that great little store to poke around in and a lunch counter for a burger or a grilled cheese. I loved those days and glad to know Stuckey's can still be found around Georgia. Yay for Stuckey's!!

Name : Lauren

My Grandparents managed the Whitakers, NC Stuckey's for over 30 years. I grew up there as my mother worked there everyday and my grandmother kept my sister and I in the apartment in the back. It was a fantastic childhood and gave me an ingrained work ethic. My first job was in the restaurant.

Name : Frederick Leiserson

I was only able to go to the Stuckey's in Vacaville California one time and then it was gone. I miss it terribly every time I drive by where it was. Somebody must have lost a lot of money building it for that short of time. If I was rich I'd reopen Stuckey's all over the country

Name : Steve

Part of my childhood was spent in Colorado and as a family we would take trips to New Mexico and along route 66. What fond memories I have of Stuckey's along the way. There were plenty of Stuckey's in Colorado but along route 66 it had a different feel to it. I dearly miss those days and the Stuckey's experience. My sisters ( and mom ) always had a way to convince our dad to pull into any and all Stuckey's along the way. I now live in Oregon and the last Stuckey's building I saw was along highway Interstate 5 ( I-5 ) in Woodburn. It was taken down a couple of years ago and so sad to see it go. Would be nice to see a revitalization of Stuckey's and the experience for today's generation as they just don't know what they're missing even with all their electronic gadgets of today.

Name : Sherry

We were talking today at work about traveling and what were our fondest memories. I live in Oregon and we traveled to Louisiana, Stuckey's was our favorite place to stop for pecan rolls, bathroom and cold drinks plus as kids we liked to look at all the cool gifts. As we were talking today I mentioned I have not seen one in a number of years, it was disheartening when I looked it up to see only a few in the mid and southern states. I miss that family tradition of stopping.

Name : joanne volpe

oh my god Stuckeys!!! we traveled alot and always ,I mean always stopped at every Stuckeys we drove mom was addicted to your pecan rolls..I would sit there watching her eat them ..."may I have just an end piece? " no response just the sound of the empty wrapper hitting the lip of the garbage can falling to the floor taunting me with slivers of caramel stuck on the crumpled wrap... fortunately I had bought my own with my allowance ...oh that pecan roll a bit of heaven here on earth...

Name : Ken E.

As a family I remember many vacation trips by car from Illinois and a stop at Stuckey's was always included. Now I have a family of my own, and have since moved to North Carolina. It is a thrill to share Stuckey's with my kids. I travel for work on occasion, and my kids look forward to when I stop at a Stuckey's on the road and bring home a treat. Stores have changed from the stand alone stores I remember. Those are hard to find, but the Stuckey's name is still going strong in my household.

Name : Peggy

When we lived in Illinois, we would take trips home to Wisconsin we always stopped at Stuckey's and I always got a pecan roll, they are still my favorite candy bar.

Name : Eleanor

Years of traveling in a camper with our 3 kids, during the 60's, we would try to pass by a Stuckey's but no way. Everyone wanted some kind of candy. My husband and I preferred the best Pecan Log ever. The kids would get their favorite. Off we would go until another Stuckey's appeared. Living in Charleston, SC they are not easy to find, but what a great online service. Just sent my son in MT a big box of Pecan Logs.

Name : reycraig333

My dad was a Navy career man. So, our family spent a lot of time traveling to naval duty stations for his new assignments. We also spent many days/night on the road traveling to my grandparents farm whenever my dad could get leave (vacation). My best memories as a kid are stopping at Stuckey's during these road trips. I later joined the military myself. I try to stop at Stuckey's during my travels.

Name : Andrew Mills

Stopping at Stuckeys was always a highlight of the trip across Kansas. There was even a Stuckeys with a live beehive you could see inside of.

Name : Terri

I grew up in Stuckey's stores as my parents were managers in 3 stores over 8 years. 2 in Michigan and 1 in Illinois. Turned out to be my 1st job. Couldn't beat the sugar & spice pecans!

Name : JULIE


Name : Catherine Simmons

I remember traveling from our home in Mexia Texas, along I 45 to Dallas Texas to see my grandparents and stopping at the Stuckey's. I believe it use to be in Wilmar Hutchinson Texas. We would get the pecan milkshake and the pecan roll. (yuuummmm) I sure do miss those trips with the Stuckey's added in.

Name : Theresa Nichols

I am 44 years old. When I was a kid we use to drive from Albany, OR to Eugene, OR. You use to have a stucky's on the way. You would have all sorts of warm nuts and candy. We missed it when you closed it.

Name : Joel

We loved seeing the billboards for Stuckey's during our family road trips in the early 1970s. Sometimes my dad would stop for lunch and we always got a treat to eat in the car as we were leaving. Today I always try to stop in GA on my way to FL from MI.

Name : Katy (Hudson) Silva

My family would travel from San Leandro, CA to Marysville, MI during the summer in the 70's and 80's.... Those long hot trips along Highway 80 brought us much joy when we would run across a Stuckey's. Thank you for making our trips that much sweeter with those delicious pecan-rolls!!!! And for making wonderful family memories!!

Name : Lisa M

Our family used to take yearly road trips from Iowa to Florida during the Christmas school break. My little brother and I kept our eyes peeled for Stuckey's billboards, and that's when the begging would begin! "Dad, can we stop at Stuckey's? Pleeeease?" Though my dad was a "drive on through, stop for nothin'" kind of guy, we'd eventually wear him down (my mother helped a little) and oh boy, then the happy countdown of miles began! "Only ten more miles! Only three more miles!" Our favorites were the hard candy sticks in zillions of flavors (we were allowed five each), while my mother stocked up on pecan rolls. It's been almost 50 years, and I still look for those billboards when we travel. The excitement has never worn off!

Name : Mitch

I remember the long drives from Boston to S. Fl in the 1960's along old US Highways 301, 17, and finally the interstate 95. It was exciting to see the billboards along the way and watch the evolution of the Stuckey's architecture. Texaco gas signs (29 cents/gal) and all of the novelties drew us in.

Name : Deborah Dayton

Every vacation we took in the 1960's and early 70's we would look for and stop at Stuckeys and buy Taffy and Pecan log rolls. What great memories I have of those family vacations and Stuckeys is a part of them!

Name : Kat blodgett

We grew up in Las Vegas, NV. On Hwy 93/95 between Las Vegas and Henderson, was your store. We would go on family outings, long drives through the desert, sightseeing and exploring a few times a month. And Stuckeys was always on the way home. We lived right off the highway near your location. And we would stop for a treat/snack/food, never gas. Lol The city had grown now, and the old location is practically city center for Henderson now. Your store holds fun childhood memories for us And I wish my son could've shared in them.

Name : chlowenberg

So many memories of watching the road signs teasing you of how many more miles until Stuckey's. Love the surprise sack and saving the log role as long as I could. I miss having the experience for my children driving down they long Texas roads. Thank you for your web sight to be able to order the treasures y'all make. Cathy

Name : Scott Boyle

In Michigan, thee were any number of these we would go by on our way up north. We would be in a campground, while dad and his friend tried to catch fish. On the way home, we passed by Stuckey's again. We knew better than to ask twice to stop at the places other kid's parents stopped at coming from up north. Ergo, I never set foot in one. Never tasted the candy. We were only allowed the fish dad and his friend caught to have to eat on vacation. My childhood sucked. I would love to try one of these. :(


With the last name of Stuckey you can be sure during every childhood vacation our father "religiously" stopped at every Stuckey's along the highways we traveled! I still have one of the kids "indian beaded" belts that spells out Stuckey's, I got when I was about 8 years old. The pecan logs were my favorite. My dad used to fill up on the divinity. We also used to get a hamburger and coka cola, if we had been good during the long drives. Those were the days!

Name : Kathy Brown

My first job was at Stuckey's in Centerville, Indiana along I-70. I was 14 years old and I worked there for almost 4 years. I loved it and it taught me a lot of responsibility. To this day I can count back change without having to put the amount in the register for it to tell me what the change should be. Stuckey's has gone through many changes, but it is still located in Centerville along I-70.

Name : Angela Thompson

I remember the Stuckey's that was along I-35 at the Randall, IA exit. It was one of the stores that shut down in the 1980's. The closest Stuckey's is in neighboring states now.

Name : Scott Kubiszyn

A most stop on our to Cleveland to see family. Would always buy apricot syrup. Hard to believe that was 45 years ago. We still talk about Stuckeyes

Name : Candice Ondrea

I love stuckey s! My family used to stop at the same one when we would go on our road trip to see our grandmother in Georgia. I always loved to look and the neat things in the store. On my way to Charleston and will stop by your way soon.

Name : Sheree

Stopped at the Rockport Stuckey's. Haven't been in one in over 45 years. Still remember the pecan logs and how my mom always had to have one. Then it was carefully rationed out. Bought two small pecan logs and ate them both in quick order. A different taste than I recall from childhood, but still worth the walk down memory lane.

Name : Susan

My mom managed a stuckys in Waxahachie Texas back in 1979. It was fun living in the back of the store. When I woke up I always had breakfast made for me. We would occasionally see big tour buses come through with musicians. You never knew who was going to stop in. Unfortunately there was a motorcycle gang that came through one night and tried to break in. It was scary and my mom didn't feel it was safe for us so she had to resign. I miss the pecan logs and the divinity and all the other roadside memorabilia they carried.

Name : Sandra

Growing up and traveling to our grandparents house several times a year, my Dad always stopped at Stuckey's for your Pecan Log! I was never so happy when I was old enough to have my very own Log! Sharing with four siblings was rough! It was always the best part of our three hour drive! Great memories and 60+ years is STILL my favorite treat! Thank You for continuing to make the BEST!!!

Name : Tiffney W

The one located outside Gulfport MS was awful! The service is very rude and I hope it gets fixed because it is at a great location.

Name : Sharon

Every year our family took a vacation to Florida. We would always stop at Stuckey's to fill up and to get our favorite candy the pecan divinity. My mom just loved the candy and after she let us try it we loved it too. Back then candy was a real treat and something we really only had on vacation. Even to this day my sister and I always reminisce about this part of our childhood! It is funny how the taste of that candy can bring back such good memories.

Name : Kim Englett

When I was a child, my family and I would travel all throughout the US and we always stopped to get gas, peanut brittle, pecan rolls, food at Stuckey's and this was my best memory as a child traveling and I just found out the other day that Stuckey's was still around. I believe you can buy peanut brittle in drug stores here in Texas. I might have to order some of the divinity online, yum!

Name : Gary Morningstar

My Father has a great deal of family in Florida, and we lived in Ypsilani, MI. We used to take US 23 to I-75 then to Florida. I remember Stuckey's being ubiquitous all the way down. Mom especially loved the pecan logs and pralines. I once bought my first "Black Velvet" painting at one in was of Alice Cooper! I loved your storesAll through the '60's, '70s and '80s...There used to be a Stuckey's near Jackson, MI but it has been gone since the early '90s....Miss you folks!

Name : john

Whenever we drove to Florida, how can you not look forward to seeing stuckeys all the way down? I would say its an family tradition

Name : Mike Sawyer

The first five years of my life were spent living in the 2nd floor apartment of Stuckey's in Sanford, NC. Having recently turned 60 years of age, I am glad to have found that store in your gallery.

Name : William

I remember how good the strawberry milkshakes were on a hot day of traveling.

Name : Jack Brickman

Love, Love, Love Stuckey's. Being from Arkansas it's always nice to stop into the Arkadelphia store and load my kids up on some good ole fashion Southern delight. Jack.

Name : Elizabeth Fi nchum

We just passed a Stuckey on I 40 in New Mexico. Growing up we always stopped at Stuckey between Little Rock, AR and Ft. Worth, TX. We would eat lunch or get a snack of nuts or something. It's a tradition and fond memory that will never be forgotten.

Name : Robert Turner

I worked at Stuckeys for 2 years while in high school and enjoyed the experience greatly. Met lot of interesting people and pumped a lot if gas from 25 to 35 cents a gallon. Yes it was in the early 70's. Was so disappointed when they closed down. I at least like, today get to enjoy a Stuckeys product or two on occasion. I used to have a book describing the history of Stuckeys pecan plantation and stores but have not seen it when I moved out of my parents home many years ago. If anyone knows where I could find one I'd be interested in purchasing it. Maybe I'll make it out to Eastman Georgia one these years and check them out. Lot of good memories

Name : James Malcolm Clingan

My parents got a job managing a Stuckey's store when I was eight year old and they trained to run a Stuckey's in Marion Arkansas and then moved from Memphis to the Stuckey's store at Interstate 40 and 69 hiway in Decatur Tennessee and from 8 years old to 21 years old when I finished tech school I lived and I was raised in the back of a Stuckeys store. I moved back to Memphis in October of 1979 and have been here ever since but I have a cabin on the Tennessee river 5 miles from where the Stuckeys store was Yeah it was torn down many many years ago but I still have sweet memories every time a get off on exit 126 to go to the cabin;)

Name : Darin M. Vaughan

Long time ! No see ! I havn't been to Stuckey's in such a long time! I miss ya'all! Every time my family & I went on down the road up toward Duluth,MN. through the Black Hill's & Yellowstone, or toward Ft.Worf, Moody,TX. or from Washington D.C. coming back toward CA.. Whew! Everyone pretty much remember's the sign's saying how close we're getting to Stuckey's Store. I was amazed at there's one some distance to Rocklin Roseville,CA.. Thank's for the memeories! PS: I enjoyed all our visit's! All the cedar stuff(Trinket's) .I had 1 of the penalty piggy bank's for cussing! LOL 25c etc.. I remeber the reserection plant's, rose pod's(sachet), & peanut plant starter kit's!

Name : Nikki Kasper

Thank goodness Stuckey's is still around - although I had no idea you were! I recall as a child, stopping at Stuckey's in several locations between Texas, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. We traveled from Texas and Arizona to Colorado each November for deer hunting; this was also one of our road trip vacations each year - I think from 1965-1976 or so. I remember seeing the road-side billboards declaring "9 more miles to Stuckey's!" or the like. Each sign caused more anticipation in the car - and it was an early teaching moment as well. When we'd finally get to Stuckey's, my Mama and I would hit the bathroom - whew! And after that, we'd walk up and down each aisle, looking at all the beautiful packaging of those sweet treats! I remember Mama saying 'We're only going to get divinity - I can't afford to buy it all!' Mama would share a heavenly bite with me - makes my mouth water thinking of it still. Back in the car we'd go, on to our next destination! Imagine my surprise as an adult, to see a Stuckey's near the New York/Ohio border in Pennsylvania! My husband and I lived in the Chicago area back in the 80s and 90s and we had traveled by car to a hockey camp in Sarnia, Ontario. Coming back through the States on our return to Chicago, we stumbled upon a Stuckey's and stopped. This was around 1992 I think - I was then 32, and had children aged 9, 5 and 2. This Stuckey's had a DQ grill inside and they were open - at 630am!!! We stopped and relived my childhood while we had breakfast. This time I was able to buy both divinity AND a pecan log roll for my husband. Thank you for your persistence in bringing Stuckey's back. As I look toward retirement, my plans are to return to the southwest United States. I hope to find a Stuckey's there someday - after all, Stuckey's is a part of my fond memories of childhood. Thank you!

Name : lisa ondris

my dad always stopped at stuckey's when I was growing up on our road trip fs from new york to florida. remember eating hamburgers fries and coke with my siblings. I did It with my daughter also. whenever we traveled & saw a stucky's we stopped.

Name : Tom Davis

My first 'memory' of a Stuckey's is from1954 in Eastman. It was August, I'd just turned 4 and Daddy said he had a 'treat' for me. I remember my first Stuckey's log roll like it was yesterday. There was nothing else like 'em anywhere. There still isn't. As good and as unique as a Nu-Way wiener on Cotton Avenue in Macon. After seeing (and hearing) how much we enjoyed them Mama started making her own divinity, which was excellent - but there was something special about "Stuckey's" and we stopped there every year going and coming home. We started traveling from our home in Warner Robins to New Smyrna Beach, FL that year and went annually from '54 until around 1963 visiting lots of places in Florida, the last year I remember us taking a trip of any type as a 'family' with everyone present. I met a really cute Eastman girl when our Rumble Jr. High 8th grade basketball team traveled to Eastman for a game, she was an Eastman cheerleader, also an 8th grader and she told me she 'helped out' at Stuckey's. I don't remember her name but she was pretty. I don't remember Stuckey's ever having any employees that young, either ... and I have no idea what she did for you there. I was very happy when your family reclaimed the chain and I'm delighted with your revival and expansion. Texas and South Carolina pecans are excellent - but Middle Georgia grows the best pecans and the best peaches in America. There's something really special about that land between the Ocmulgee River and Gum Swamp. Great good luck to you going forward! Long live Stuckey's!

Name : jerrie

Wow , just stopped at a Stuckeys. It's been forever since we were kids . Did not know they still existed . It was by villa Platte Louisiana . Bought the 1970 log pecan roll . This is the only place my parents let us stop during our childhood . Me and my two sisters would travel to Memphis , TN . Oh what great memories . StuckeyS is love and memories .

Name : Robert

Correction to my earlier comments. Should have said "It wouldn't have been before the 1960's " My first experience with Stuckey's between Texas and California began in 1961 and 1962 and then about every three years since, so the "Message Displays" might have been sometime in or around the 1960's or later, but not earlier. I am an amateur travel writer and historian and just trying to pin the dates and particulars on the subject. Thanks !

Name : Robert

I have sent an enquiry to Stuckey's but I wonder if anyone can remember when Stuckey's had sort of a monitor type display and keyboard where you could type in a message for your friends or relatives to read as they stopped in a Stuckey's along the way ? It wasn't connected to the Internet - I believe this was well before that - I wouldn't venture a guess a date but it wouldn't have been sometime in the 1960's or later. It was sort of an e-mail of the times. We have made trips from Texas to California about every three years since 1961and Stuckey's have been our "Rest Stops" on many of those trips. Too bad there aren't many of them still around between Texas and California.

Name : Kevin

Many fond memories of your stores during the 60's and 70's driving to Florida on summer family vacations. Am driving to Florida later in the month. Can't wait to stop by and purchase some pecan divinity.

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